Tablo Connect -> Android Phone -> Mirror to Roku TV ??

Does this work? In one home I have Tablo hooked up. I’d like to use Tablo Connect to get my DVR and OTA programming into my other home using my Android phone (running the Tablo app) and then mirror my phone to my Roku TVs in my other home where I have 3 RokuTVs and a Roku Stick+. The Stick+ would be the primary TV we’d like to use this on. If this doesn’t work then I would have to buy a Chromecast for these TVs’ which kindof defeats the purpose of the nice unified Roku interface. Thanks -Jim

It will likely work, but since it’s screen mirroring your Android phone it likely won’t work well. It is not “casting” to the Roku, it is screen mirroring which is different. Give it a try and let us know.

Good point. Casting is what I meant to say.

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