Tablo Connect and resume functionality using Chrome

I did a test of what happens when using Tablo Connect and trying to resume.  I had some very interesting results.

Using my Android 5.0.2 phone and the web app, resume functionality does not work at all with Tablo Connect.   It works just fine when connected to my home network. 

The really strange results were with my laptop using Chrome.  Every time I paused, exited out of the show, and then went back into the show, the show advanced 1 to 2 minutes. I have no idea if it did that before this latest firmware or not, but it is not what I expected.

@snowcat Tablo Connect doesn’t support the auto-resume feature just yet!

I just have a theory that @ShadowsPapa is using Tablo Connect without realizing it, and that is why his resume never works.  It might also explain his other error message about receivers.  

It’s easy to check this, go under the settings page and see what the server IP that is reported. If it’s an external IP then you’re on Tablo Connect.

That’s not it since connect was never checked or enabled, the router is locked down - no forwarded ports at all, and I am using the local Tablo address at all times. It’s absolutely not connect, promise, that ain’t it. 

Remote access box is not checked, this is always the same IP address, besides, my cell data connection wouldn’t support it as that would mean streaming out and back in again! Yikes. Not on my connection!


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