Tablo confused about time

Tablo seems confused about time.

It’s 12:30 AM here. But “Recent” shows two shows “recording now” from 6:00 to 6:30 PM.

Also, cannot tune any live channels.

I will try a reboot.

Pretty disgusted, ready to return the box to Amazon and try a different product.

  • The tuners suck, I finally got an antenna and antenna position that work, though.
  • The damn thing REBOOTS on signal loss.
  • Now this.

And this is just the first 3 days that I’ve had it.

Update: after reboot (any way to reboot without unplugging power?) now it is recording shows it should be recording now. But I lost the entire evening of recording from 6:00 PM on.

Quick press of button on back.

Quick press of button on back.

Thanks! Unplugging the power makes me nervous!

I understand how you feel.
I accept the fact that a weak signal will cause my Tablo to crash, and reboot.
I work around that issue by making sure I keep only strong signal channels, but even then a borderline strong signal turns too weak, then crash, and reboot.
However, those instances for me are occassional, and I’m not as passionate about them as I was in the beginning.
Amazing how you can get tolerant of something over time that used to make your head explode.

That being said, my 1st Tablo was purchased 3 years ago.
Now, we have a total of 3: 2 Tablo Quads; 1 Tablo Dual.
We use the hell out of them.
I’m happy, wife’s happy, mom’s happy… you know how hard it is to make my wife happy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
They’re not perfect, but they’re close enough for me… my wife, and mom, not the Tablo.
The Tablo is perfect. :wink: