Tablo Community Forum Planned Maintenance, June 27

Hi folks -

Quick heads up:

Tonight at 9PM ET, the Tablo Community Forum will be down for planned maintenance for up to 2 hours.

We should be back online by 11 PM ET. See you then!

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As a part of that community, I need more notice. When am I going down again?


Not working already on my firetv?

…AND this has my OCD flared up -

I’ve search, ET is, of course a valide reference for Easter Time Zone, but isn’t a designation for time with zone! EDT or EST but just ET is just…

Much in the northern hemisphere, but not all, are in out dated day light savings time, 9 PM EDT - 11 PM EDT or to the rest of the world 0100 UTC - 0300 UTC

Kind’a sorry, but sometimes…