Tablo closer to my router or antenna?

I am a new cord cutter and recently got my antenna up and running with 44 channels being captured. I am 40 miles outside of Boston and the quality of the signal varies by channel but based on the past few days of watching, I don’t see any channels breaking up or dropping. I am very interested in acquiring the 4 tuner Tablo but based on my setup with the antenna in the attic (for now) and my Comcast router being in the basement what is more important.

Should I get the Tablo closer to the antenna or the router?

Thank you in advance

Does not matter as long as your setup has a solid signal. Tablo should not care where it is on your network if you are hardwired. Wireless will depend on signal strength. Keep in mind every time you split the antenna signal you lose about 50% signal strength so it is often best to use a distribution amplifier rather than a splitter.

I’m replying so I can follow this one. I opted for putting my tablo close to my antenna to minimize Coaxial loss of signal (I’m 50 miles from tv stations) - but I’m wondering if the distance of the Ethernet slows things down…on my fireTV the load time of the listings is quite long. I’ll be following

well there’s a couple things here. An ethernet (cat -5) cable can sustain a 100 meter cable length without issues.

A coax (rg-6) will have roughly between 1.5 and 6 DB loss per 100ft run of cable - depending on the frequency.

So if it were me I’d put the tablo closer to the antenna to reduce this signal loss and then run a longer (possibly with a switch if needed) ethernet cable from the tablo to the router.

what @rontbeamer said is true in regards to splitters (passive non-powered ones that is)

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Antenna Closer to the Tablo.

Get Ethernet Adapters that plug into an AC Socket to carry the Internet Signal from the Basement to the Attic.

I use TP-Link AC Wall Modules on both my Tablos. Works great
Model TL-PA4010KIET AV500 Powerline Adapter Starter Kit


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A good thread on power line Ethernet adapters: