Tablo Client Device Suggestions

@dhanger,Target was selling them at that price. I saw a couple a couple weeks ago, but most Target’s in my area are out of them. :frowning:

Yeah, I know Target had a good deal going for a while, but I missed out on that bunch. None in my area either.

I ended up clearing out all the local Target stores in my area when I bought 5 Nexus Players for $25 each as Christmas presents for family members back when they went on sale :smile:


I missed that sale (heard rumors about it before it went main stream, but was too lazy to go to target after work).

The following night I went home to my NP, after trying 5 different targets (the sale had hit all the news sites, so they were going quick). The NP had its usual aches/pains and I decided I was fed up and missing the sale was a blessing in disguise. Ordered my first Shield that night.

Laziness paid off?

How does the Shield compare to NP? If I win big at the casino I might get one.

I just picked up a Nexus Player today (12/10/2015) at Best Buy for $49. I’m happy, it is SOOOO much faster than Roku 3. And fast forward is awesome.


@beastman check out the posts above by @Adam, @Andrroid, and myself for thoughts on the Shield and how it compares to the NP.


Good price…online at Best Buy it looks like it’s $80…did you have a coupon or other discount?

I always check to see if it is a manufacturer refurbish. Many refurbished items do not come with original full warranty and are limited to 90 days.

It does say manufacturer refurbished, but the warranty is still only 90 days. Well, under specifications, it says one year, then two lines later it says 90 days. I assume the one year line is leftover from marketing and wasn’t deleted after they added the 90 day line.

Bought mine new but have had good luck with factory refurbished. You should be fine. Good luck.

Just realized another perk with the NP, it’s also a gaming console (I have no idea whether it’s any good). Maybe now I can make the wife happy and upgrade from our Nintendo64 that we’ve been playing Dr. Mario on for years and years. :grin: She’s been bugging me for something new for several Christmases now.

I guess you know the gaming console is extra unless it’s bought as some kind of bundle offer.

No I didn’t realize that, I was just going by what it said on the Groupon site:

Android Gaming on Your TV

Dive into games as diverse as multiplayer racers and role-playing games
filled with 3D graphics. The Nexus Player enhances your enjoyment of
Android’s many console-style games by putting them right on your TV
(gamepad not included).

Sounds to me like all I would need is the gamepads; am I misreading this? It does say ‘console-style’, but maybe I don’t understand what that means.

Re you last post. I have enough viewing between OTA live TV and Netflix to qualify as a well baked couch potato.

“gamepad not included” Better check it out. The latest version of NP does not come with console, just remote.

You are mostly correct. The NP has a pretty decent processor and is capable of a variety of games.

You can game on it with just the remote for some games, such as “Crossy Road”.

Others don’t need a remote or a gamepad - instead you control with your phone. You can also use a gamepad if you have one. These are some of my favorite games: Bomb Squad, Beach Buggy Racing

Finally, there are other more complex games that require a gamepad. You don’t have to buy the official gamepad, you can use any bluetooth gamepad. Games like these include Dead Trigger 2, Leo’s Fortune, Does Not Commute

You can find out which games use which control method simply by downloading from the Play Store and trying them out. You will probably be surprised how much the little box is capable of! Not as much as the Shield, but still respectable at that price point.

Here’s a bluetooth controller with good reviews that should work:

You can get a new one bundled with the game pad off of Asus’ website for $65:

Well you could if it wasn’t according to the site, “temporarily out of stock” :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for all the info. I’ve never really been much of a gamer, but the wife loves it, and if I can manage to show something for all the time and money I’ve put into cord cutting, I will be a real hero. Well, I already am somewhat from all the money I’m saving us, but new games would be icing on the cake.