Tablo channel synchronization issues


Have the new Quad, scanned channels and get grn status on all channels that I like. 1 wk later, when attempting to play live, 2 specific channels will show weak signal. I then go back to the guide and back to live on the same failed channel several times and then suddendly comes in, ie synchronized. While synchronized, I see no pixelization (which would be an issue with signal strength) for hours. If I change channels it may or may not resynch, if it does not then I do the live, guide,live to get it back. Also it is unfortunate tablo quad channel scan only shows grn, yellow and red vs the dual tablo a friend has that shows several dots for signal strength. The unit appears not to retry the synchronization specially when set to record automatically, yet manually once synchronized it records fine . Wonder if the box is defective.


It’s the same thing. 5 dots = green, 3 dots = yellow, 1 dot = red. You will never see 2 or 4 dots.

It doesn’t sound like the box is defective, though it wouldn’t hurt to put in a ticket with the Tablo folks to have them look at your logs. And if you haven’t rebooted during these issues, I recommend a reboot. There have been occasions (though it has been a while) where a channel or two received the weak signal error, and a reboot fixed it.


@lbiaggi1p Definitely send us a ticket if you’re still seeing this behaviour. If we can catch the unit in the state you’re referring to, we should be able to get to the bottom of this.