Tablo Channel on Roku won't play any content

I connected my Tablo box to my home computer network located in one room. I loaded the Tablo channel on my High Definition Roku Box which is connected to a HD TV in another room. The network is connect with Ethernet Cables, (not wireless). The aforementioned setup works great!   The problem is with my other TV. My second Roku Box is the XR Model. It is connected to an Analog TV and is part of the same network as the HD TV. This setup works fine with shared content like movies & music using Plex Channel. Every time I try to play any of the Tablo Apps like “Live TV” or “Recordings” it shows “LOADING” for 1 second before kicking me back out to the main screen.
Any solutions? Maybe if you could make a Plex Channel it could solve the compatibility issue?

@Paul - are you running the latest Tablo firmware? And the XR may be one of the older Roku models we weren’t able to purchase for testing - we’ve only tested the latest generation. If you are running the latest firmware, try resetting both Roku & Tablo as well as your router. 

We are looking at the potential of adding Plex & XBMC integrations. 

I cannot even FIND the RUKO channel using my ROKU or logged on with internet browser.  Browsed the channels.  See nothing.  Search for Tablo, TabloTV and Tablo TV and nothing.  Plus, have no devices apparently compatible to set up the WiFi connection.  So, I am VERY underwhelmed after waiting nearly two months.

Here you go.  I need a better antenna but am impressed so far!

Hello again:

     I checked and I do have the latest Firmware for Tablo, I also have the latest Firmware for the 3 Roku XR Boxes in question, which are connected to 3 separate Analog TV’s. I called Motorola & my Motorola Surfboard Router is set up correctly and still when I click onto the Tablo Icon, all of the aforementioned screens all show “LOADING” before kicking me back to the Tablo Menu Screen. This, despite the fact that the 1 HD TV I own, which is hooked up to a HD Roku Box, is connected and running on the same Ethernet connected network. I hope this situation can be resolved with Firmware or perhaps creating a Plex Channel because I enjoy the product on the one TV out of four I am able to use it on.
Thanks Paul
P.S.   Plex does not to seem to have comparability issues between the various Roku Boxes

@Paul - We’ve got an older Roku box coming in from eBay and hope to do some testing on it soon. 

Plex support would be awesome!  Everything else I use at home is Plex based.

I have the same issue as Paul on a Roku 2 XD. I can go to and watch shows and recordings. I was able to add the channel to the Roku. The channel guide loads as well as the list of recordings but I select a channel or recording and nothing happens.

@tremjo - the app is still a private channel and therfore you have to add it via the webui for now.  the link provided above will allow you to add it to your rokus.

@ron_d - The 2XD should work. Contact @TabloSupport for assistance.

  Just hooked it up this morning and have to say WOW!  This is awesome.  I updated it as the screen requested.
   I have a slight problem with one of my two ROKU boxes and Tablo.  The ‘newer’ 2XS works fine but the ‘older’ XR just kicks back to the channel selection (similar to above user) once I try to do anything.
  I under stand if the answer is “It really is time to update that old one”  but I wanted to check first to see if anything was in the works for compatibility with the older XR series before thinking about retiring it.
Thank you,

@mdiluglio - Glad you’re enjoying Tablo so far! We’re trying to find a way to be able to support the older units but the documentation on firmware available for these units is spotty so we’re having to use a trial and error method to try to support them. 

Long story short, we may be able to get it sorted out but it’ll take some doing. You’ll get better performance with a newer Roku regardless so maybe it’s time for an upgrade. If you do, go for a Roku 1, 2 or 3, not the streaming stick as it seems to have a weak WiFi antenna.

I found my gen 1 (Roku N1000) box so hooked it up to my TV, Wifi etc…  Got it working, Facebook etc…  Thanks to this thread got Tablo added to My Channels.  I click on Tablo and I get the various icons Live Tv, Recordings etc…

However regardless of which Tablo icon I select, it says Retrieving… then kicks me back to My Channels.  I’ve got the latest Roku OS installed, Wifi works fine.  The Tablo works fine on my Android Phone, other PCs, iPad.

Any ideas ?


Gen 1 isn’t currently supported.

Roku 1, 2 , 3 are the recommended hardware.  I would also imagine you are having issues with teh wifi connection and that is causing extra pains.

I’ve had the exact same problem with my Roku2. We’ve done everything including removing the app and reinstalling it, switching from RCA video to HDMI, etc. 

My last step to check is to try a factory reset to see if we can get it working. I’ll be doing that this weekend.
Tablo works fine for me on a Roku3, iPad Mini, Win7 Desktop, and Note2 Chrome Browser.

Surely this problem isn’t happening for all users of Roku2 or lower… or @TabloTV would have said as much.

I’m seeing the same issue on my roku 3. All devices are up to date on firmware, and have been restarted. Any other ideas?

@uncw05 We discovered this is affected by the Roku Display Type found in the Roku > Settings menu.

If the display type is set to 4:3 or 16:9 the Tablo’s stream will fail. We’ve fixed this in an upcoming release to the Tablo Roku channel.

The work around for now is to change the display type to either 720 or 1080. If neither of these are available when you visit the Display Type menu, it’s because you’re using an SD connection. You can get them appear to by switching the Roku to an HDTV, changing the display type, and then switching it back to the SDTV. The Tablo Channel will work on the Roku when you get re-connected.


The OP has a Roku 3, it only has an HDMI output. Thus there would not be 4:3 or 16:9 settings, only 1080p and 720p.

@theuser86 Doh! Good catch!