Tablo channel guide problem

Just installed new Tablo4. Got free 30day program guide and signed up to pay a monthly subscription guide. Problem is that guide is only showing a couple channels on the guide. I get 64 channels on my OTR antenna and all seem to work but only a handful are showing up on the guide. Anyone else had this problem and if so how do I fix it. Can’t call support because it’s a weekend.

Assuming the guide data is really missing and just not taking a while to load the first time - try the guide update in the setting page to try again - it is black friday weekend some of my internet requests are sucking gas.

Or try a ZIP code closer to the missing guide data. And/or open a help desk ticket.

For 64 channels it will probably take 60 to 90 mins to load the first time.

@Ponymom - Sorry you ran into this! Please drop a note to support with the zip code you used during setup and the list of channels that aren’t showing in your guide. We’ll work on getting them added for you:

Thank you. They are working now!!

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