Tablo casting ability

Hey all, im new with tablo. I was glad to unplug from my TV provider and replace this service by tablo. Unfortunately, tablo is not reliable and unable to cast either to my chromecast or to my Android phone. It keeps loading and loading and loading, plays 4 seconds then load again. I know it’s not my internet connection as i play without any lag Netflix or any other HD content videos from my Android phone directly casted to my chromecast. My hard drive is a seagate slim (STDR1000100) and supposed to be a good drive according to Tablo TV tested hard drive list. I hope I can sell this machine on the web at a fair price. If you think you can help me to solve my issue before iIsell my Tablo that would be greatly appreciated.


What setting are you recording at? For chrome cast I’ve noticed 720p, 3mps works decently. Most settings above that won’t work or will be choppy.

The 3 mpbs setting used to be called Chromecast.

Thanks for advice guys. I just tried it and is still not fantastic. I tried to connect my Tablo with an Ethernet wire to the router but the video still keeps stopping all the times.

Does another streaming device would work better? Such as Roku or else…?

If yes why would another streaming device be better than chrome cast? Why does chrome cast work with Netflix and not Tablo…

Sounds to me that Tablo is the problem.


They are trying to find a fix for chromecast. I can’t currently get it to work at all reliably. I started a thread about trying to compile all the issues with chromecast here: