Tablo Bugs using Philips Smart TV built in Roku

Partial Tablo Bug List 2/16/24

At the end of many programs – especially if I am recording it – the Tablo goes back to the guide at the end of the show.

If loading a show from the guide – while its being recorded – it may not allow rewind to the beginning of the show

It now shows 2 copies of a show in the library while I am recording it.

Lip sync gets way off sometimes – no pattern here.

Needs an option to load the guide at startup. It takes to long to load all of the “suggested” shows.

If watching a show on a weak channel, it crashes.

Sometimes you can select a live show from the guide and nothing happens at all.

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It might help the engineers if you’re able to provide a little more Roku-specific information (model name/number, RokuOS, etc…) as well as what type of external device (if any) you are using on the Tablo. Also, wired/wireless (2.4ghz/5ghz) information.

Did anything change or improve – if you tried the cache clear/reset and reinstall tip I shared earlier?

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If you can… If it’s wireless, can you confirm the signal strength (per your wireless router) of the Roku Device.

If your tablo is connected wireless, confirm the signal strength of that device too.

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… how do you confirm how strong the wifi signal is for the Tablo?

I didn’t mean seeing signal strength from the Tablo.

Confirm the signal of the Tablo within the wireless router.

Sorry dude.

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That reminds me of that page Tablo Support has shared in the past:

I think you have to be on the same network for it to work.


I have 3 of 4 WiFi bars on my Android phone at the Tablo location.

If I’m understanding you correctly, this is expected behavior as you are watching a specific program based on selecting the program. If you are watching a channel live and want it to continue live after the end of the current program, select the channel itself in the guide.

Not really, I start viewing a live show from the guide and it stops and goes back to the guide when the show ends.

I think @Nilex was trying to say that you might have different results if you click on the channel name/number/ID instead of clicking on the show title and selecting “watch”…

(Arrow all the way to the left of the screen where that info is, click OK, it will the channel will play immediately.)

I must not have been clear in my explanation. What you just explained you are doing, selecting a show from the guide, the expected behavior is it will stop viewing the channel at the conclusion of that program, because the program you were viewing has now concluded. If you want uninterrupted, continuing playback on that channel, select the channel name not the program name.