Tablo Buffering

Is their away to tell Tablo to buffer entire show? When I pause tablo is buffers 2 or so minutes in advance. I would like it to buffer the entire show. Thanks.

The Tablo is recording the whole show. The amount that’s buffered on the streaming device is probably dependent on the device OS. What are you streaming to?

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Are you streaming locally or remotely?

I am streaming to windows over VPN.

What’s the behavior your seeing? Is it pausing every 2 min?

It lags when trying to fast forward (skipping commercials) on a recorded show.

That’s usually a symptom of a network issue… Is there a reason you have a VPN on the go?

to connect my vacation home to my primary residence.

Can you explain what why a network issue would prevent a show from buffering more than a few minutes in advance? It seems like if their is a network issue the show should not load at all.

The problem is that the browser application is limited in memory available to it, so it can only buffer a short amount of video. If your connection from the Tablo is slow, you’re going to get pauses. It’s worse in your case because you’re using a VPN which fools the Tablo into thinking it’s a local client, so it’s not transcoding the video to something more appropriate to the network connection speed.

Same thing happens on Roku over VPN so don’t think it is exclusively a memory/browser issue.

Streamer boxes have limited memory as well.

@TabloTV Is the memory on a Roku Ultra really that limited that it only stores a couple of minutes forward of a tv show?