Tablo buffering using Fire tv

Continuing the discussion from Unbelievable Buffering with Fire TV Stick:

Here is a 100% solution for tablo buffering on fire tv stick. I use both a Roku 4k stick and a fire 4k stick on my tv and the Fire tv stick repeatedly buffers and becomes un watchable I then switch to Roku and the Tablo works perfectly 100% of the time. So to me the problem is with the Fire tv stick and not Tablo or the internet provider. Let me say it again using my Roku stick and the Tablo app it never, never buffers and works perfectly and when I switch to Fire tv the tablo app always buffers intermittantly.

Which Fire TV Stick is this? 1st gen, 2nd gen, etc?

I’m sure the new Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite released in late 2020 likely works fine via WiFi. They have the same internal hardware as the Fire TV Stick 4K from 2018.

I use the 4K Firestick on three TV’s. 98% of the time, they work fine. Occasionally, I will start to have various issues but I have found that 100% of the time, if I go to the Tablo app and “Force Stop” the app, “Clear cashe” and then reboot the FIRESTICK, (not the Tablo) it’s back to working perfectly again for who knows how long. It acts like there is a buffer on the Firestick that is filling up and causing the issues and the reboot and clearing cashe fixes the problem 100% for me.

The discussion that you were referring to was about using Tablo Connect to remotely access a Tablo box using a Fire TV Stick. The Roku stick does not support Tablo Connect, so this is NOT a solution to the prior discussion.

I have the same issue with my 4K FireTV, have to reset it every few weeks. Responding to James, I also have a Roku Premier on the same TV that doesn’t have issues. I was having problems with my router, the Roku seamed to handle the weaker network better than the FireTV, the FireTV would buffer. Once the router was fixed with a strong 5G signal, both devices work better with the occasion FireTV reset. Is the signal strong to the FireTV?