Tablo buffering question

I presently have my Tablo Dual Lite in a room where my Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 router is connected which is in the front of my house and I am connecting my Tablo using a wireless connection since the antenna jack and router are on opposite sides of the room. I have a very good wifi signal there but on the other side of the house and in the back of the house, wifi is OK. Our laptop works well in the back of the house but I am getting some buffering just watching Live TV and recorded shows. I reduced my quality to the recommended level (3 Mbps). I am paying my ISP for 50MBPS and my question is will the buffering I experience on the opposite of my house be reduced if I get a wifi extender/booster or is the problem the 50 MBPS not enough for the Tablo?

Your download speed has no effect on how your Tablo performs on your home network. That only affects internet traffic (like Netflix and games).

So getting a wifi extender to help on the other side of your house likely will help. Also, make sure you are connected on the 5Ghz network on your router, as that usually outperforms the 2.4Ghz side.

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@Ebird You might find this Knowledge Base article and the links in it helpful:

You’ll likely get some hands on responses from users here, what works, and what doesn’t… here’s some of tablo’s answers and suggestions -

you mentioned recording recording quality, you likely read this which also covers home networking -

This is a bit old, but not too much has changed drastically - a lot of generalization with links to sites with real info.

From the support Knowledge Base articles

It’s in the same room, and you can’t run either wire around the perimeter? But the signal tablo with the router is negligible, depending how many streams are playing.

maybe. If you’re making an investment, at least look into a mesh setup. It may be overkill, but long term it might be something. I believe wifi booster is a misnomer, at least a meaningless consumer term. It’s unlikely you’ll boost your wifi signal as both devices would need amplified.

Good suggestion about the mesh setup, will research topic. Someone mentioned switch network connections from 2.4 to 5Ghz. Will see if that works first. Thanks much for your responses.

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