Tablo basically dead in the water

It’s always been a little painful, but now the list of recording just never shows up on either the “official” or beta Roku app. Live tv and listings works, but recordings just spins. Power cycling the Tablo fixed it yesterday, but today nothing is working. I can play recordings on other devices. Also, the 4-tuner tablo box is almost too hot to even touch, regardless of orientation, and no, nothing is on it.

I was wrong. While the guide listings show up on the Roku, if I try to tune to a channel it thinks for about 30 seconds then just returns to the previous screen. If I try to view live TV on my Chromebook I get a spinning wheel for about 30 seconds then I get an error: Player Error Could not play live stream. I have rebooted both the Tablo and the Roku. Before the last Tablo reboot I could watch recordings on my Chromebook, but now the program details are all there and the player launches but I just get an endless spinning wheel.

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@unclfuzzy - The outside of your box shouldn’t be too hot to touch. It should be warm & cozy, but not hot.

I would suggest touching base with Tablo Support so we can do some diagnostics on your unit:

I’ve been experiencing the same although the list of recordings eventually populated after several minutes. I don’t have very many recordings so it can’t be trying to sort. This is happening with a Roku 3. The Android app fills immediately.

I opened a ticket and Tablo support remoted into my box and “cleaned up a bit” which fixed it. Still have to reboot every few days. Would very much like to see this product mature to a stable build that the whole family is willing to use.