Tablo back button will no longer exit the app

…on Amazon Fire TV Cube.

After watching TV for a time, such as a 3 hour football game, it seems the functionality of the Tablo slows to a crawl with every function taking much longer to register than normal. The back button does what it’s supposed to, albeit slowly, but when it comes to actually exiting the app it will not do it.

Why is this, and when will it be fixed?

Never seen this but it sounds like you’re running out of ram. Try holding the pause/play button and ok until it says it’s rebooting. That should cheat some memory and make for an allover smoother experience.

Were you recording the games and do you have an external drive?
Did you have other recordings going on during or immediately after the game when this was happening?

I noticed something similar but I had a several other shows and another NFL game recording and i don’t know at what point Tablo builds the 10 second thumbnails of the records but I suspected that it did that immediately after the recording completes and for a 3 hour game, that’s a lot of activity for Tablo to have to perform especially across the USB to the external drive. When I realized all the things I had going on, I actually thought Tablo did a very good job because everything recorded and completed successfully.

Was not recording the game or anything else.

The same thing happens if we watch 3 hours of TV period, doesn’t have to be a 3 hour program like a football game.

This seems like something that needs to be straightened out by an app update.

I’d rather not have to reboot my device just to simply back out of an app. Every other app seems to be able to achieve this, why cant the Tablo app?

That’s a good question. This is still the first case I’ve heard of this. I just thought that the force reboot might clear up whatever was causing an issue and figured you’d tell us how things went after that. Sounds like you didn’t try it.

Let me add more information.

Yesterday when this happened, to get out of the Tablo app I had to tell Alexa to take me to the home screen of the Amazon Fire TV. It did so.

Then today, I watch a little TV on Tablo maybe 20 minutes and I can back out of the app just fine.

I don’t know if time, the force to home screen yesterday, or both made work today.

I think it’s simply watching Tablo for 2 hours or more at a time that makes this happen in my case.

Okay, so two things:

  1. You didn’t try the cache clear.
  2. Your home button on the remote doesn’t work when you can’t back out.


Sounds like your issue is completely different. I have no issue watching for hours. The only thing I’ve had happen once in a while is after watching for a long time any particular channel and I try backing out, it jumps to the either Home Screen or the top of the live guide, rather than taking me back to the live channel I was just watching. Definitely something that needs fixing but not a show stopper.

  1. Correct. I don’t need to reboot the device to simply have it work correctly again. All I need to do is not watch Tablo for about 8 to 10 hours, like overnight, and it works the way one would expect…until I watch 2 hours of TV again.

  2. Not using the home button. I’m backing out of the TABLO app so that I get the prompt “Do you want to exit the app” and I can select Yes. I’d rather close the app than have it still running in the background somewhere.

  1. If you never reboot the device, then things will always be running in the background. A fresh reboot of any device is good every now. When an issue occurs, a reboot will let the device start without other apps in the background as well as free up the RAM for apps you may not have used in weeks. If you download Background Apps and Process List, I’m sure you’ll find a dozen or so apps open even now. And yes, even by exiting the Tablo app, it will show up there, too.
  2. I understand that you were trying to gracefully exit the Tablo app, but to say it wouldn’t let you out of it at all was a little confusing, even more so when you said you had to have Alexa take you to the home screen…

Whether you do a reboot or a cache clear reboot is up to you, but your overall performance will improve. Exiting out of the Tablo app is like… telling the app you’re done with it and not to hold it’s current state in RAM. It’s still running in the background, but it will be a fresh copy in the memory. Whereas the opposite is true if you hit Home and then return, you’re met with whatever you were last doing. Example: Pressing Home to change a setting in the middle of playback, going back to the app will then continue the playback as if it were only paused.

There are apps to tell you how much memory you have available, but they would need to be sideloaded and I’m not going through that today. I recommend a reboot, plain and simple. You’re experiencing what seems to be a problem where your resources are limited. You can either try something to clear them up, or expect the same results to repeat themselves. If I were to hazard a guess, Tablo Tech Support would ask you to reboot your Cube, if not unplug it and wait for 10+seconds before plugging it back in.

The Tablo TV app likely requires more resources than other apps you’re using due to it’s playback raw, uncompressed MPEG2 data…

I don’t understand your hesitation to try anything other than what you’re already doing. Maybe Tablo Support can help you further. Until then, I wish you the best.

I almost notice… When I got low signal recordings, the controls would flip out. When I exited out of the recordings, to the main menu, the buttons wouldn’t respond very well. Food for Thought.

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I blame the Tablo app since the HDHR app on the same device never caused this issue. Thanks.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. (not Einstein)


So you are saying I should give up on the Tablo since it’s half baked. Thanks. You should have said that in the first place.

No. That YOU should be willing to try something different.

The Tablo works, and works great on nearly all of my devices. (I can’t expect an underpowered Roku Express+ to work perfectly.)

If you are just going to keep asking for help but be unwilling to try any of it, there’s nothing more I can offer you.


Good. Because it seems you don’t comprehend what I’m even putting in my responses.

OF COURSE rebooting it will fix it. But for HOW LONG?

The problem will come back just like it did after I rebooted the Fire TV about 9 days ago for the same problem. The problem is not the Fire TV the problem is the Tablo app on the Fire TV.

You can stop responding to me now. Please.