Tablo avail on jailbroken apple tv 2 running Kodi 14.2?

Hi, I am just about ready to purchase a tablo, but want it to stream my antenna local channels to my TV downstairs.
However it only has a PS4 and jailbroken apple tv2 (Kodi v.14.2) connected to it.

Do I need to buy a new appleTV as well, or can I get tablo on either of these 2 devices?
If so, how?

Neither of those devices will run the Tablo client. A Roku or FireTV box will be cheaper than an AppleTV, if that matters.

Or a Mi Box

There is Kodi addon for the Tablo. You may be successful with playback that way.

@Johnny_Cohen - As others have pointed out there are no official Tablo apps for those devices.

The list of recommended set-top-boxes are here: