Tablo Apps lack same feature set. (Complaint)

There needs to be just one tablo app version that is equal across all devices. I have a smart tv running Web OS, a Fire TV, a Windows PC, a Fire Tablet, A Samsung tablet, and some android phones. But I cannot manage the tablo from the television because the features that I need are on the phone. I can’t manage the Tablo from the PC where I manage the media server.

For the money I paid, please get your crap together and manage this thing professionally.

What problems are you having exactly? With the latest app updates most of the ‘administration’ functionality is the same across the platforms, it’s primarily the different filtering options between platforms (i.e. Roku has the Recent chronological recording filter but Android/Android TV app doesn’t) that remain.

Could not remove manual recordings. The manual recordings can be deleted with the Android app. The menus on the PC and the phones are different from the TV and the Amazon Fire. I only use the Fire because it seems to work faster. I understand the ease with which the phone app works and is useful, but my television does a whole lot more than what my phone can control and that remote is in my hand. If the apps are unified across platforms, then it would not matter what device was used and the online manual would apply equally. As it stands, you can read a section in the manual, and at the bottom it tells you what app it applies to.

The problem I had was one of me being cheap. I decided we could handle the recordings manually and I set them up. About the first week of television there in February, I decided to subscribe to the guide. So I set up all the shows to record in the guide and I will delete the manual ones after we have watched them. I discover this week, that the programs set up through the guide have one recording, and the manually set recording each have two or three episodes recorded, and these episodes are incomplete. Arrgghhh goes the wife because it is her favorite show. I think it is worked out, but having to download apps on various devices is a bit silly.

Thanks for your interest.

You were saving money.
I see no problem with that.

And probably different from the menus on the Roku.

Good news is they’re updating all apps to become uniform.
Bad news is they’re not finished.

Seems like they have trying to provide a uniform UI with the same feature/functionality since November of 2014.

You may or may not see it before the final rollout of ATSC 3.0.

I think it was more a resource issue which has been partially addressed.

It’s not really clear that they have dedicated UI developers that excel at the specific platform/SDK involved.

When they released the last major rewrite to the Roku UI they indicated the objective was feature/function parity with the WEB UI. When they were questioned about adding this functionality they stated it couldn’t be done due to the limitations of the Roku SDK and BrightScript.

They must not have known that other OTT UI’s were being update at the very same time to have a few of the features Tablo said it couldn’t do.

Oh well. Someday, at the minimum, they may actually get useful filters on the guide.