Tablo & AppleTV

This doesn’t appear to be useable scenario with updated Tablo Firmware and most current version of AppleTV IOS. Works fine with Roku and from iPhone with AirPlay. But if you go from AppleTV app if will crash repeatedly. Often enough to make it unusable. Not happy with finding that Only options are really iPhone airplay and roku given I have a Chromecast that it won’t play with at all and an AppleTV that as useful as a brick with Tablo. :cry:

Apple TV4?

Yes, and it’s running latest iOS avail

I would log a trouble call. This is not my experience with AppleTV. It is my most stable user interface with Tablo.

I am not having this issue with my Tablo/AppleTV

Try killing the Tablo app on the AppleTV (perform this much like killing an app on the iPhone)

Double click the TV button on the remote and then swipe the Tablo app up off the screen, then relaunch the Tablo app and see how it behaves.

@Jjean If @MotobikeMan’s suggestion doesn’t solve the problem, give us a shout. We can check out what’s causing this.

Lately my atv4 has been giving stuttering video issues but I found out it is doing the same to direct tv now as well so it seems to be an atv4 issues rather than a tablo app issue. Reboots are fixing it for us (luckly the tablo keeps recording so once we reboot we can seek to the beginning of the show and not miss anything) but it is now a problem I am currently researching.

Looks like the issue was with power to the external hard drive. It needed it’s own power supply from a USB hub. Thanks to Tablo Support for quick response and identifying the problem. Seems to be working well so far since the hub went in. Now for some recording to see how well that performs.

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Same problem. The Apple app is garbage. Keeps going black on me. Seems to need to be airplayed

Some users above were able to track down their issues to external factors (e.g hard drives, etc). If you send our support team a note, we’d be happy to a look and help you get things up and running.

My Tablo randomily became disconbected while watching live. The current beta is NOT ready to be released @TabloTV and @TabloSupport

I deleated and reinstalled AppleTV app. Lets see what that does. I got an extra day off to play with Tablo because of weather.