Tablo app on Apple TV default to Live TV

I’ve been perusing the support community, but so far haven’t been able to find an answer to my question. So… here’s a new topic.

I would like the Tablo app on my Apple TV to default to the Live TV grid whenever I launch it or pull it up. But it’s not doing that. I’ve set “Live TV” in the settings on the web app, but when I pull up the app on my Apple TV it’s defaulting to the settings every time. Am I missing something?

Happy holidays, everyone.

The startup option in the settings menu doesn’t appear to be a tablo server setting.

Instead it may or may not be functional depending on the tablo app.

Some of this also depends on which menu you were in when you “exited” the app versus “disconnect” from the app.

Some day all the apps may have the same options and be consistent.

Well, that’s disappointing.

There have been a number of changes in this area recently.

While Roku doesn’t have a startup section setting the browser and Fire TV stick app due. The browser setting works even for multiple tablos. The Fire TV Stick startup section started working after the last update and the Fire TV Stick preview app doesn’t even have that setting and always starts in Live TV.

Who knows what the next app updates will bring. But to me tablo is a DVR and I prefer it start up in Recordings.

@Michael_Allbritton We are working towards menus on all apps remembering where you last left off vs. having a set ‘open screen’.

This will be coming to Apple TV.