Tablo app on Amazon FireTV Stick crashing frequently

I don’t know what has changed but lately, say the last week or two, I am experiencing the Tablo app on my Amazon Fire TV Stick crashing frequently; at least 4-6 times a day, and sometimes shortly after I launch the app.

My Tablo is still at version 2.2.6, but has been since I first bought it, but only as of late am I having these crashes.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior? Was there a recent upgrade to the Amazon FireTV Stick app that might be the culprit? Any other ideas?

This is very frustrating as when it happens it completely loses the place where it was at the time of the crash, and the crashes happen whether watching live TV or a recorded show.


Which Fire TV Stick? The 1st gen or the new one with the voice remote?

I have a Fire TV box 1st gen here, it is working fine.

Maybe you can delete the app, reboot the Stick, and install it fresh?

It isn’t one of the new ones with voice remote.

The software version on the stick is

I power cycled the stick about an hour ago and will see if that could solve the problem. Normally I exit Tablo and then put the stick in sleep mode when I shut off the TV for the night.

If this doesn’t solve it I will try your suggestion and see if maybe a uninstall and reinstall of the Tablo app solves the problem.


Yeah give that a try if it doesn’t work. My understanding is the Fire TV box 1st gen and Fire TV Stick are both based on the Fire OS 3.0, while the new Fire TV box 2nd gen is based on the Fire OS 5.0 - see link below. My thought process is if it works on the 1st gen box it should on the Stick as well.

@TabloScott - Sorry to hear that. Can you please touch base with support so we can take a look at this?

@TabloTV - I can, but after rebooting the Fire Stick it seems to have settled down and haven’t had any more crashes. I’ll be curious to see if it starts crashing again after some amount of time.


@TabloScott - OK, keep us posted!

This has been happening to me for a couple weeks as well. In fact I just opened the app while reading this post, and while it was trying to load the live tv schedule, it bumped back out to the main Amazon Fire menu. I’m really frustrated, as other users (Roku, Fire TV) don’t seem to have the issues I have with the stick.

Which Fire TV Stick? The 1st gen or the new one with the voice remote?

@theuser86 - Mine is the first generation without the voice remote.

@araustin76 - Try power cycling your Fire Stick.

So far that seems to have worked for me, but I have had to power cycle a few times the past 3-4 days while I was working with Amazon support for a problem with a second Fire Stick I had bought. They basically had me swapping things between the two Fire Sticks (remotes, HDMI extenders, and swapping the TVs they were connected). However it seems to at least temporarily fixed my problem. I guess time will tell…

Any resolution to this? My Tablo app crashes daily with when I use the FireTV.

I now have a Sony Android TV so no longer subject to the crashes. but I believe mine had stopped crashing after new updates to the Tablo app, but that was quite a while ago and I’m afraid I have mostly forgotten the issue.

Is there anything in particular that causes the crash? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team via email, or to give us a call at: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688)