Tablo app not working on Windows or Xbox

I cannot get the Xbox or Windows app to recognize I have a tablo device and yes it is the gen 4

I don’t believe there are Gen 4 apps for those devices. If you have found a Tablo app, that would be for the Legacy device and not compatible with Gen 4. Currently the app for Gen 4 is on Fire, Roku, or Chromecast with Google TV.

Okay sounds like I just threw away a hundred bucks then lol

If this is the only device you watch television through, it might be. But Roku, Android, FireOS are up and running and it looks like AppleTV might finally be right around the corner.

The white 4th gen Tablo is only a few months old and who’s to say what’s in the future. Good luck!


You can return it.

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Yes, I got specifically because I figured they would have been smart enough company to update there apps too. I was obviously very wrong about that so it is on me there.

I’m thinking about it or spending even more money so I can use it because they seem like a very crappy company to not update their apps. They don’t even have an app that works with my smart TV. So yeah very very crappy company imo.

Doesn’t look like xbox is something they’ll have any time in the near future, but you never know.

Best Buy’s site is a little misleading when it says “any device”. Even though the box itself is easy to misread, it’s not listed there, either. (Which is the one side of the BB box you don’t see in their images.)

Sorry to hear that things aren’t working out. You shouldn’t have to spend too much money to find a compatible HDMI streamer – $20 for a Walmart 4k onn box and you can at least see if it’s something you might want to keep.

Like @snowcat mentioned, you can always return it. Good luck!


You sound like you have done zero research on the 4th gen Tablo. It uses native MPEG2 streams, which is completely different from the format used on the legacy network Tablo. This is very much like the HDMI Tablo, which does not support browser or web apps either.

It has taken a Herculean effort to get the 4th gen to work on AppleTv for the same reason. The 4th gen Tablo does benefit from better picture quality due to the native stream, but compatibility with apps that don’t natively support MPEG2 video is going to take a while, if ever.