Tablo app not available in canadian firestick app repo

As mentionned in the title, the app is not available on the canadian amazon store. Is this normal? What are my alternatives?

It is there.

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Thanks, it wasnt showing up when searching with tablo as a keyword. Tried wit nuvyyo ant it worked. What is the difference between tablo and tablo preview app?

Google my friend, there is a post in the Tablo blog about it.

You can thank Amazon for that. Their search changed out of the blue several months ago and they mysteriously haven’t been able to resolve the issue for us.

Glad you were able to find it!

Jeff Bezos is concentrating on Mars…:rocket:

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No Tablo Connect on Mars yet.

Same thing for me. No Tablo come from Amazon apps worked. I tried Tablo for Fire Tv Stick. I never found Nuvyyo.

I try to install the apps for my new Firestick 4K and I get a message that the application is incompatible with my device…:frowning:

Ok found the problem!.. need to search for nuvyyo. The search results give Tablo apps.

@tablosupport this is so very counterintuitive, can’t you have Amazon address this?

Oh we’ve tried. Several times. They just have very little incentive to help us.

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