Tablo app just spins on my TV

Sorry, I don’t understand everyone’s posts, in case they have the answer. (I’m not sure I picked the right category for this post: I don’t understand most of what is posted.)

I have a Tablo Quad 4tuner, and it’s connected to my TV antenna, a Samsung TV, a hard drive, and my router. Everything is working fine. I have the Tablo app on my Android phone and I can play content there.

I was watching a recording last night, and that stopped. after that, I get only the blue circle spinning on the Tablo app on my TV. I have rebooted and disconnected everything. I use an Amazon Firestick as my remote control.

That’s all the explanation I know how to provide! 2 hours trying to fix this now. Called the number. Searched the help.

Thanks for any advice!

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app?

Does your Tablo have a solid blue light or is it blinking? If it’s blinking, it may not be connected to your network.

If you need additional help, the support team is available now.

The light is solid blue on the box

I have the same Tablo as mjdr2001 but I’m going through Amazon cube 2nd version. I haven’t tried Uninstaller the app. yet. Will try now

It looks like that worked. Thank you Isure enjoy the service!

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