Tablo app for Xfinity Flex?

Can anyone confirm there is no way to access Tablo when using Comcast/Xfinity Flex device? I searched but found no answer.

While the Flex has does have streaming apps like Netflix on it, the Tablo is not one of them. It likely never will be part of it either, since I doubt Comcast wants an option for local channels other than a subscription through their own service.

Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

Isn’t your device for internet streaming?

Good point. But then why does Amazon Prime & Roku give thumbs-up for the Tablo app?

Amazon Prime is a service Roku is a device…

Yes it is - what’s your point?

exactly :neutral_face:

Amazon Prime is a service - it doesn’t install the tablo app. It includes Amazon Video and upgrade to 2 day shipping and much more.

Roku is a device - they let you use it and generate data to sell. Xfinity/Comcast is a content distributing company - they sell services.

If you want to watch programing, you pay them! You really didn’t see that point? Cable company’s don’t give anything away, that’s a point.

OK, I get it. My mistake, I meant to say ‘Amazon Fire Stick’ - not Amazon Prime.

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If Amazon Fire devices limited you to only watching Amazon Prime streaming service, no one would buy it.

Roku for a long time was a neutral party and let any and all streaming services on their devices. Roku makes money from selling the hardware aka the device. Yes I know they know offer some subscription services but it’s not their main focus like Comcast.

Comcast wants to make money with you subscribing to their TV service.

I was a beta tester for the ATT streaming box, an android tv box. At first it was pretty locked down but I think when it went out of beta I could load other apps, I know I could install Philo and maybe Tablo. It’s not connected any more but I may fire it up again to see.

I’m not sure that’s entirely true, I realize this is veering topic slightly. During Prime Day I’ve seen reports there are 100 million prim members. Now playing with semantics, Amazon Prime steaming service - not limited to just Amazon Video. Content not just “free with prime” there’s Amazon Channels, now “free with commercials” (oxymoron) and purchase & rentals.

Compatible with it’s voice response Echo & Alexa systems, there’s likely a for Amazon only Fire TV device, albeit smaller

I dug out the ATT box, it is android TV and it does support Tablo from the Google Play store, however it doesn’t integrate the guide data so it is really no different than other devices.

The table app doesn’t have guide data? Or you expect the “system” to know this app has has a supplemental schedule and should display it along with it’s content and paid streaming (profit) services?

The Tablo app does have guide data, but it is not integrated into the ATT TV guide data.