Tablo app for Roku updated?

I was adding a couple of new channels to my Roku this afternoon and noticed in the middle of adding one channel that the Tablo app was updating. Haven’t noticed any new features, but the live TV guide seems to be updating a little faster.

What version is your Roku Tablo app?

I see what’s up now.
The version is still the same v2.1 Build 34, but the release date is today 05/31/2017.
They must have re-released it, but unless they (@TabloTV) forgot to update the version number, there were no changes.

Doh, it is v2.1 Build 36.

I’m at 2.1 build 36 on my Roku 4, the one that just updated. My Roku sticks are at Build 34.

4200 Roku 3 is now 2.1.36.

When deleting an episode the default action highlighted is now delete where it seems that before the highlighted action was cancel.

Just forced an update on one of my Roku sticks and it updated to build 36 as well.

Really the only update was to add the images for Tablo DUAL and to fix a handful of teensy bugs which is why we didn’t announce it.

So far it’s looking good, tho I haven’t tried everything yet. I’ll have to try watching live TV and see if it still kicks me back to the guide.

In the settings menu they finally did fix the available space bug.

Or at least it matches the space reported by the WEB app. It doesn’t have to be correct as long as all the apps are consistently reporting the same value.

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