Tablo App for PC shuts down when extending time on recordings

When I schedule a recording on the Tablo App, I go to time extension to make it record 5 min at start and 5 mins at end. When I select save the App shuts down. I tried to find a way to report this to Tablo but couldn’t find any way. Can anyone help?

You may want to clear you cache. I tried this in both Chrome and Edge in both the live TV grid and the other listings, and could not re-create this issue.

The problem only seems to be with the Windows 10 Tablo app.

This is the Tablo App, not Firefox or Edge or Chrome. There is no way to clear the cache.

I just tried it with the Tablo app from the MS store, and I don’t have that problem. Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall the app?

Just uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the same problem. I can use firefox to connect to my tablo and don’t have that problem, just with the app for pc.

Often uninstalling an application doesn’t include clearing user data, and system settings or configurations. A fresh installation may reset some to default, but eventually issues reoccur.

I realize this is no real help, the Win App is likely a wrapper of sorts for the web app, much like the tablo app.
Unless the Windows app is a priority, you have Windows Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and possibly Internet Explorer as functional options.
If you need the app, contact support.