Tablo App crahes when press chromecast button

Bought this device to cast antenna signal to tv with no cable wire. Opened box, installed, and it worked great casting to chromecast. Saw message pop up on phone saying a new update was available 12.2.2, so I updated it. Ever since I could not cast to tv! I dont know what version i was at, i just unboxed it. I will take any older version! Any help greatly appreciated! Only have few days to return it!
Android phone 4.2.2
Chromecast Gen1

Did you update the Tablo? Or did you update your Chromecast? Current Tablo firmware version is 2.2.12

As well, what is the Tablo app version on your Android phone? 4.2.2 is the Android OS.

Thank you for your response! Yes, I Updated the Tablo box to th 2.2.12 (sorry had number backwards in op). Yes my android phone is running 4.2.2. However I also had tried my wife’s Samsung s6 Active and it failed with same behavior. Downloaded and installed the Tablo app on Wednesday, after reading your message went to google play and saw a new update, version 1.0.31 so I updated the app. Tried it again and now the app doesnt crash but it doesnt cast. Now on the TV it shows the little thumbnail of channel on left lowrr corner of screen and a blue pulsing bar across the bottom…this lasts for maybe 45 seconds to a minute and then it goes away and just show the big Tablow name in center of screen. The fact that the new app which was just posted and it says it address Chromecast issue leads me to believe this was posted in response to my troubles. Its nice to see that they heard me and tried to help, but it is start to feel as though they have very little testing department and processes and zero regression testing. I am very skeptical about the survival of the product line and company… But I will give them some time and I hope they prove me wrong. I am a programmer but work at one of the most amazing software companies in U.S. It is times like this that make me appreciate the automated continuous builds, regression testing, and customer support we have in place.


I have found Chromecast as a playback device for the Tablo to be unreliable. However, it has been rock solid for me on Roku and Fire TV for over 2 years. You may be interested in the new Android box, Xiaomi Mi box which I have heard works great with the Tablo.

I recommend you reboot your router, then Tablo, then Chromecast, then Android phone in that order and re-try casting.

Android update today fixes this problem for me.

This has been in the works for several weeks. You’re the latest to complain about it. New update should have fixed it though.

It fixed the crashing of the app, only to uncover the next issue that it wont actually cast the video stream to chromecast. Shows the blue pulsing bar at the bottom for several about a minute then screen changes to the big Tablo word and that it. I will try reboot all devices when i get home and try with samsung s6 tonight, but not holding my breath.


@imazman Let us know if the reboot does the trick - we were thorough in our testing before releasing this; we should be able to get you up and running.

Reboot did not help. However, I think I found the cause but can’t quite explain it completely. So I have 3 rooms each with a TV (differnt brands) and a chromecast (same version).
Room1: Router, TV1, Chromcast1, Strong Wifi Signal
Room2: Tablo, TV2, Chromecast2, Medium Wifi Signal
Room3: TV3, Chromecast3, Weak wifi signal

So room 2 was having the issue of not casting which wasnt intuitive because the Tablo was right next to it plus wifi signal was medium in strength. So thinking Room2 chromecast is flaky, moved chromecast from Room3 to Room2 and Room2 still not working (and Room3 worked with chromecast of suspect)…so not chromecast issue. I put chromecasts back to their original room assignmenta and then switched TVs. Room2 now would cast and Room3 would not cast. So for some reason the TV won’t cast for Tablo but it does cast for Netflix just fine). The only thing I could explain this issue is that the Dynex TV that doesnt cast Tablo emitts too much RF interference…but then why can Netflix cast to it?

Well we found a solution, Room3 was my daughters room where we dont want her watching tv anyway…only kids netflix.

Thanks for all your help…will now spend the next 30 days playing with the other features! So far I am loving it and I know several other cable cutters that will be interested in this!

Very weird problem and solution.

I highly recommend you check out one of their other playback solutions, you will likely be very happy with the responsive of the newer units compared to casting with the Chromecast.


Very Interesting.

Perhaps enclosing the Chromecast in a shielded enclosure or ferrite beads on the power supply cord ?


Shielded enclosure wouldn’t be good as it would block desired wifi signal too, but ferite coil on cord might help.

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@imazman Very interesting indeed. Let us know if we can help with anything.