Tablo app buffering on 4th gen

Just installed 4th gen Tablo. Works really well. ethernet wired attached to router. Live stream thru Roku is great, Using the Tablo app on Android tablet (Samsung Tab S7) is very poor. Several pauses of 2-3 seconds every minute or so. Audio resumes after pause but seems to lose some video frames. WIfi to tablet is 120mb+ (speed test) same as to Roku. Only Tablo streaming to tablet not concurrent with Roku, Uninstalled and reinstalled app but no change. Was on with Tablo but after several chat exchanges … I guess they gave up. Kinda frustrating

Are you using the latest new mobile app …?

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Yes, I downloaded it just today.


I had the same experience with the Android app (yes it is the TabloTV app designed for Gen 4) running on both Galaxy Tab S9+ and on a Z Flip 5. So both hardware devices are most current processors, most current wifi, etc.

I have been playing recorded programs at night on TV using Firestick CUBE streaming device. It has been mostly solid.

To your issue, I think Tablo engineers need to take a hard look at the Android app.

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We are investigating this issue now:

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The newly released Tablo app Version 1.0.4 works like a charm on my mobile devices, Walmart 4K Onn, and my Shield TV Pro Devices …!

Sadly for me that is the version of the Android Tablo app that is giving me the buffering (pauses) issue.