Tablo Android TV & Mobile App Update (v. 1.7.0 & 1.7.1 )

Hi everyone -

We’ve got an update on the way for Android mobile devices and the ORIGINAL Android TV app. (Not Amazon Fire TVs.)

Nothing too groundbreaking, but it should fix the problem with the drop down for remote streaming quality.

Tablo Android TV & Mobile App Update (v. 1.7.0 & 1.7.1)

  • Fixes to setup screens
  • Fix for Remote Streaming Quality drop down
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below or drop us a line.

Yay! I can finally use Remote Connect again. It has been frustrating that this feature has been broken for so long.

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Agreed. Sorry it took so long to get fixed :frowning:

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Hi folks - If you had already updated to 1.7.0 you’ll see another update to 1.7.1 which includes some very tiny changes.

My Samsung Android Tablet just updated to v. 1.7.1 and the check box for enabling and disabling commercial skip detection has disappeared. What happened?

Adding the checkbox was causing some issues with the settings page. Given that commercial skip won’t be available for USE on mobile and web-based apps, we chose to remove it.

Since I use my tablet exclusively for scheduling recordings, it was very useful to be able to control commercial skip detection from this app. I hope you’ll be able to add it back soon.

In case anyone wants to know why I turn commercial skip on and off so much, it’s because my upload speed is 0.5 Mbps and I only use commercial skip on select programs. Having the capability of controlling it from the tablet meant not interrupting television viewing to start or stop commercial skip detection.

So if commercial skip won’t be available in android, iOS, and web based apps, what will it be available in?

The setting will be available on the apps that actually support Automatic Commercial Skip which are Roku, Tablo PREVIEW (for Amazon Fire TV & Android TV), and Apple TV.

So basically leanback devices?