Tablo and VLC Player

On one of my Ubuntu PCs in which I run Chromium as browser, Tablo won’t open an HTML5 stream in this browser even though it does support HTML5. Tablo will use Adobe Flash in Chromium but I stay away from Flash. Chromium BTW is the foundation for Google Chrome.

However one can open a video stream in a player such as VLC using the URL that Tablo supplies for a specific channel, for example:

That URL stays valid for that channel (in my case ABC 2.1) day in and day out whether the browser is running or not. It appears that Tablo’s video stream addresses transcend specific browser instances. So I can make in VLC a table of streams named after the channels (a playlist) and use VLC as my Tablo client without even opening a browser.

This leads to interesting possibilities for writing client apps…