Tablo and T-Mobile Wireless Network

Yesterday we migrated from the Cox internet system to the new T-Mobile 5G Wireless Network. Trying to reduce our costs. A lot of pain in converting all the network devices from to the wireless network. One thing we noticed was issues with Tablo. For some reason, we are experiencing long delays when we want to watch a recorded show. Never had this issue when Tablo was connected to the router. Before someone asks, the T-Mobile gateway box is probably five feet from the Tablo. Anyway, does anyone think that looking a recordings would improve if I connected Tablo to the back of the gateway box?? Thanks.

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It is always best to hardwire if possible. We have our Tablo hardwired to our T-Mobile modem. The only problem we have had is we can’t use Tablo-connect (watch outside of home).

Thanks for the reply! My question is did try the wireless approach first before settling in on the hard connection? I am thinking the response time might be faster with the hardwire. I will give the wireless approach the weekend and then give Tablo a call on Tuesday to walk me through the connection direct to the gateway box.

I am using T-Mobile wireless home internet in 2 locations. Both use an Eero as a router and extenders. Multiple Tablos are hardwired, some Eero extenders are actually wireless but with the Tablo hardwired to the Eero extender it thinks it is hardwired. Haven’t had any problems watching live or recorded TV. Haven’t actually tried remote access however. In one location the Eero reports over 300mbps download, the other around 100mbps or so.

Thanks for the input. Read something on the Tablo website today that indicated that if you are using a Roku, you must connect Tablo directly to the gateway modem/router. Well, I am using a Roku so I will just have to wait until Tuesday to contact Tablo and have them assist me connecting the Tablo to the gateway.

We’re getting ready to buy a Tablo and we have T-mob home internet. This is a question I had.
Also I see mentioned here that away from home doesn’t work with T-mob. Can that be confirmed by anyone else?
I’ll be hardwiring to a satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot in my home as the T-mob router has to be installed on the opposite side of the house as the antenna connection. How’s that working for folks?

I have T-Mobile internet and Tablo and works well all hard wire even have two old Asus router RT-AC87R using them as access point both hard wire. The one thing with T-Mobile you can not do remote connect there is no way to open port or work around to do it on a T-Mobile internet.

Thanks for the reply Sam. After more investigation, I’ve come to the conclusion that Tablo won’t work for us at all with T-mob. Our upload speeds are only in the 1 to 1.5 range. Best we can get after much trial and error. Download in the 20s though

Just guessing, but I’m thinking you mean the extra paid for premium commercial skip feature won’t work for you. IMHO, other than that, Tablo should work (?). I think there’s even Tablo Connect setting for 1mbps, though, of course, you can’t get blood from a stone. So just as you can’t stream anything HD out from your network, Tablo is probably included in that. But, I think you may be on the fringe for that as well, even with Tablo Connect’s poorest quality setting.

My DSL connection provides a maximum of 14 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up and Commercial Skip works for me as long as I have good reception. I do have reception problems at times, which can cause Commercial Skip to fail. Other than reception problems, my Tablos work great for me.

Think I’m just going to order a Quad directly from the company to try my setup. That way if it doesn’t work properly I can send it back for a refund.
Now to decide on a proper hard drive with a return policy too…

Been using t mobile with my Tablo for a year now, no issues. Load times seem normal from what I was using before. I have the t mobile connected to a google wifi mesh network (i.e., not using the wireless that is in the t mobile device). I do understand you can’t stream outside of the network with this setup which isn’t an issue for us.

I have T Mobile home internet. Works great for us but understand it’s limitations with Tablo. I use the OTA2Go app to compensate.