Tablo and Roku not connecting


These units are on a wired network, assigned IP addresses from the same dhcp server and show IP addresses in the same subnet.
The Roku tells me that my Tablo is not connected to the internet or is not on the same network as the Roku. This subnet is not connected to the internet. It is a private Network inside my house.
Why won’t these two units talk? Is there a requirement for one to be connected to the internet?


The Answer
Yes. You DO need internet access to use Tablo Over-the-Air DVRs

I agree, it’s a shame… but necessary.

It’s also clearly printed on the box and the list of What You Need on the product page and may topics int Tablo Community Forums.


So they can track what you are watching?

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Internet connectivity is required for app discovery and connectivity, along with nightly guide updates, etc. The Tablo apps also require connectivity for discovery to work properly.