Tablo and Roku, is it simply a bad combo?

I’ve been running my Tablo for about a month now and like most others using a Roku, my experience is very lousy. My setup is pretty solid, everything is hard wired via cat6 into a Gbit switch, on an AC87U router, with 100/100 WAN speed and QOS/Priority on the Tablo and 2 Roku 3’s. My Rokus are generally pretty good, not having much issues outside of Tablo. My main issue is every morning when I want to watch the news, it’s a battle with the Tablo on loading, then faulting back to guide, no video but sound, or contact loading and repeating last 10 seconds of TV. I know I’m not alone and have read as much as possible.

Is this basically a fault of the Roku channel or a combo of Tablo and Roku? I will soon have a managed switch which I can validate the traffic, but I cannot imagine why I have so many issues short of some flaws in the product or Roku itself.

I have remove quick startup feature as show on a few threads, and check all my cabling. My channels are crystal clear when it works and if I use it on antenna only. I know I can split coax to TV’s but my one TV doesn’t get the main channel we watch (for unknown reasons) over coax so I’m stuck there. Anyone have any more ideas?

Your statement would have been very true going back a few months ago before Roku came out with OS v7.0 Build 9044 for Roku 2 and 3, and OS v7.0 Build 8906 for Roku 4.

Here are some things that make a difference.
Tablo firmware v2.2.8
Roku Tablo app v2.0
Assign a static IP address to your Tablo.
Place Tablo on its side (vertically) to help disipate heat.

By the way, which make and model hard drive is connected to your Tablo?
Some hard drives, especially older ones, have disconnect issues.

Also, to isolate the problem, you can connect to the Tablo using an MS Windows computer via Google Chrome Browser (, or via other Tablo apps: Android tablet, iPad tablet, Android smartphone, iPhone, …
If the same problems persist using other player devices, then it’s probably not the Rokus.

After all the updates, my Tablo/Roku combo was pretty solid.


I agree with DaveG. But I have found that it also helps to set DHCP reservation IP addresses for
Tablo and all Rokus and other devices that access Tablo. Also remember that the speed of your WAN means nothing to Tablo - it operates only on the LAN so proximity and connections are very important - and the LAN coverage of your router. (WAN is only used for remote connect and I just use it as a DVR)

I’m glad I saw this post. I was ready to give up on Tablo since I can’t use it but everything else works fine. I’ll try the updates and see if it helps.

Thanks for all the responses. The Roku’s are both up to date and from what I can tell the Tablo Apps are as well. Have yet to see an app update on the Roku so not sure what to expect. All devices are set to static IP’s as of now, so we’ll see how it goes from there. I will also test from a computer and see how the browser performs. Would having a HD connected to the Tablo affect the Live TV performance. My HD is a bit older but certainly has issues with my 1080/720-60fps playback. I’m not using it for morning news though.

Yes, because the Tablo transcodes the OTA stream, live or not, from MPEG-2 to H.264, which Roku, and other players can play.

What is your hard drive make and model?
We can help you search for potential issues, if you give us the info.

I have a Roku3 (2014 model) and the Tablo4. My Roku is wifi and my Tablo is wired. It works well for us.