Tablo and Kodi 18 Leia


Had Tablo working with Kodi 17.6 (Krypton). Doesn’t appear to be working with Kodi 18 Leia release 4 (64 bit version). Freezes after initial screen. Anyone connecting to Tablo under Kodi 18? Android (7.1) version on same T95Z box works fine.


Kodi’s up to 18? Looks like Kodi’s catching up to Ubuntu (I’m on 18.10). I’m still using Krypton 17.6, I didn’t even know there was an upgrade. I might log into Aptoide TV and sideload that to my Air TV just for fun. Did pull your Tablo app from the standard / built in repository? Or pull it in from elsewhere?


Kodi 18 is in beta with final release just around the corner. It’s a complete rewrite of past code from the XMBC world when things were cobbled together on an as-need basis.

Leia is very fast (fastest version I’ve encountered)! Also introduces retro gaming as an integral part.

Tablo is part of the standard repository. Still has the same version number so it doesn’t appear Nuvyyo did anything with it for the Leia version. They might have to take a look at it…

Tablo on Kodi (17.6) had the best picture quality through my T95Z (until I got my LG TV).


I installed v18, Tablo doesn’t work. I might load & install the Tablo apk from apkpure, just for the heck of it, see if it works any better than the (standard) app from Kodi repository.


It’s a pity Tablo doesn’t work with Kodi 18. Thus far my T95Z Kodi box is giving me the best picture quality for my LG TV on all other streaming channels! But that’s to be expected given its Mali GPU. Nuvyyo will have to fix their Tablo Kodi addon because version 18 is a major release coming very soon…



I had a brief opportunity to play around with this, still can’t get Tablo to work (it just freezes, then freezes Kodi). I’ve noticed there is already an update to Kodi 18 as I get a notification / warning when I boot it up.


Yep, I’ve had to roll back to Kodi 17 on my living room box so we could use the Tablo player (which gives us the best Tablo picture quality apart from the LG itself). Pity because Kodi 18 is so much faster than 17. Think we should pop Nuvyyo a message to Support in case they are not aware of this problem? I am also excited about 18 because it is 64 bit (both my player and Android are 64 bit). Wonder if it is the 64 bit things that is causing Tablo problems. I haven’t tried the 32 bit Kodi 18 but I don’t want to go there anyway with everything being 64 bit on that box…

This particular T95Z box is also my living room 4K player.


That might be it. I’m keeping it on my Air TV player, so I can experiment & play around with it, and besides which, I already have the dedicated Tablo app on there, so I won’t be lacking either way.


I sent an email to Support at Nuyvvo detailing the Tablo\Kodi 18 issue. As long as they know about it…:thinking:

Staying on 17 is not an option - 18 is so much more performant! The speed of Kodi 18 is impressive.


Nuvyyo Support acknowledged receipt of email and passed this issue on to Tablo staff :grinning:

I’ve discovered some other packages that don’t work with 18 (eg. Crackle).


I haven’t tried much on this. Comet, Shout Factory, Haystack and a few others. Tablo app doesn’t just fail, it crashes Kodi (or Kodi crashes it) and freezes everything up. I’m going to give it a month or two, check back in and see if anything’s changed.