Tablo and HDHR on same network

I have the Tablo Dual Lite and the HDHR duo - it is just the dual tuner.
I have it set the Tablo to highest quality on both live and recorded… The difference is not huge but it is noticeable especially when it comes to rendering text the fonts are jagged… and sometimes there is a hiccup in streaming and there is a little delay when changing channels… As noted in total these are not horrible, but I found the HDHR to be much sharper and quicker also no buffering. I use an AppleTV for this

I could mess with the settings and I am sure I could get it to work better, but as with somethings I had no way to demo a system without buying and trying…

This is in no way a condemnation of Tablo, I think overall it is a great system and probably works for most people but since I have seen the differences I like the HDHR better.

Which lead me to my question, I really wanted to find a use for the Tablo since it does meet the all in one criteria… and since it can only record what it is plugged into, I cannot just use it as a DVR…

But I guess the other question would be (and I am sure I know the response) if I set the Tablo up on a second antenna, and connected it to the network I could still use it as a DVR only (i would still use the guide and all but not watch live tv) and it should work fine as far as not having issues with multiple tuners on the same network ?

Yes I may still have the same resolution issues it already has but if this is just a recorded show it may work just fine vs live tv

Any Thoughts
Thank You

On the positive side, the Tablo transcodes MPEG2 to H.264, which allows media player devices, like Roku, to play Tablo streams across a network.
On the negative side, this transcoding takes a few seconds, and H.264 tends to make some details a little softer than MPEG2.

Yes, that setup will work just fine.
You can even have multiple Tablos on the same network, like me. :slight_smile:
They just need different names.

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Depending on your OTA signal strength why would you require/need a second antenna?

I have one quality antenna and use a channelmaster 3414, now called mini 4, to drive 3 tablos and a hdhomerun connect. All running ethernet through powerline.

With tablos improvements in Live TV I tend to use the hdhomerun less and less. And I never cared for Plex’s live TV or it’s tendency to miss DVR recordings.

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Well not sure I would need one, I could just split the one - it was more of a can it support this question.
And Tablo may be improving ( I have only used for a short period of time) but I still see resolution difference as well as the amount of time it takes to tune in a station (not super long) but longer than HD which is almost instant

It’s almost instant because unless it is an Extend it’s just passing through the MPEG2 video.