Tablo and FireTv

On the new Element FireTv edition tvs. they incorporate a tab “on now” that shows the OTA signal stations.I’m just wondering if and how the Tablo will intertwine with this?

Is there a business reason to spend R&D money to integrate with this feature as well as many other non-tablo, vendor specific features. How many more tablo units would be sold because of this specific integration?

Maybe an optional feature to scrub commercials from recordings. Especially since Plex announced they are going to try this feature.

They say it will work with Sling , PSV and the like I was just curious if it would work. That is all.

The Holy Grail of OTT/OTA is that every companies products and components seamlessly integrate into a unified interface.

Not only would it be hard to get agreement on just what that interface was, but the business model that allows for technology ownership, implementation costs, maintenance costs, upgrade costs, profit and meeting individual company strategy would be a tough nut to crack.

This is live in plex.

I saw the Plex update where it was released. But like all new features it’s too soon to see any feedback on whether there are any negatives.

I’ve seen a few newer network shows where a few frames of show are mixed/broadcast before the last commercial snippet.

I’m not exactly sure what you are getting at, but Tablo would simply be an app that is accessed from the home screen just as it is on any Fire TV device. Why would there need to be any other form of integration?

Definitely too soon, but apparently they already have a fix for it. Keeping an eye on that. Would love to see Tablo partner with plex like hdhomerun has.

If you are thinking it will integrate OTA channels with channels from a streaming service like Sling or PSVue into a single guide/display of some sort then I believe you were mislead.

The way I understand it, it is merely a TV with Fire TV built in and it will simply display your OTA channels on the home screen along with your apps. Thus you can tune to an OTA channel or start an app from the same screen, but it won’t integrate your OTA channels with those from Sling or any other streaming provider.