Tablo and Chromebooks

Anyone here using Tablo with a Chromebook? So far, on my Lenovo Flex 5/13, I’ve only found one very small issue:

When using the Chromebook in tablet mode (like an Android tablet or “tented” with the screen folded behind the keyboard, the image does not “auto-rotate” and is upside down. Auto-rotate is set to rotation in Chrome OS settings, and works with other apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and DirecTV Stream.

The Tablo app correctly auto-rotates the screen when it is displaying the live tv schedule grid or recordings. But when a live program or recording is selected, the screen then rotates to “upside down” mode.

Anyone else have any experience with this??

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I use Chrome to use my tablo via Chromebook. No issues but haven’t used it much. Remote connect worked!

One note the app is for android and Chromebook isnt the same as android even though it can run most all androind apps.

Update for Chromebook users. A recent update to the Android System Web View (released after Chrome OS version 105 was released as “stable”) resolved this problem, as far as I can tell.

Thanks to all who responded to me! Chrome ON, folks!