Tablo and Amazon Fire TV - NFL Content? - QUESTIONS

Hey all. I am preparing to cut the cord and a new antenna and a Tablo is top on my purchase list. I am already an Amazon Prime customer so I thought it makes sense to get Fire TV’s for my 3 TV’s. I was trying to confirm some of the info for the Tablo before I plan out the entire system.

  1. the max size HD for Tablo is 2GB, correct? How many hours or recording will this hold?
  2. Does the Tablo record the content from Amazon TV?
  3. Is the current version of the Tablo app for Amazon out of beta and how well does it work?

I’m planning to get a 60-mile antenna for an attic mount to tie to the Tablo plugged directly into the router. I’m hoping this will provide the best, fastest connection for all equipment.

One more question about NFL. I know that games can be seen on regular OTA TV but Thursday games are on ESPN and others are on the NFL network only. Has anyone been able to figure a way to get all NFL content using Tablo and any other devices?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

I think you meant to write “2TB”, but that’s old information. Some people are using 4TB drives, and I think even larger drives using multi-drive enclosures work now.

No. The Tablo only records OTA content.

I’m using Tablo on a Fire TV (not stick) and did not install a beta version. Works very well.

You can get ESPN using PlayStation Vue, which is available on your FireTV devices. No idea on NFL Network.

I’m using a 5 TB disk, and they have tested a 8 TB disk. Note that since larger disk are now supported, being able to put a dusk in the second USB port is a lower priority

Yep, you are correct, I meant TB…long day…

Thanks for the info!

Last season, the Thursday games were also shown on 1 of the networks, either NBC or CBS, up until about mid-season, maybe closer to Thanksgiving time. I would guess they will do so again this year.

Getting access to WatchESPN is relatively easy if you speak with friends/family.

There are two ways to get ESPN on FireTv. One is to subscribe to Sling (online streaming service), and use Sling as your TV provider when asked. The other is to get an email address from a friend or family member that has ESPN with their cable or satellite service and use that. Note, Sling is limited to viewing on one device at a time, and that includes using the WatchESPN app.

I am pretty sure you can watch NFL network games on your computer without a subscription, but I am not 100% sure. I don’t know any way to watch them on a TV set, unless it is a local team and then it will be simulcast on a local TV channel.

There will be some Thursday game televised on NBC, some on CBS, and some on NFL Network. However, the NFL is looking into selling streaming rights to the Thursday games separately, along with 3 games on Sunday morning to be played in London. Potential players include Amazon, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook, among others. No telling how this will settle.

ESPN games can be had with either a Vue subscription or a SlingTV subscription.

“The other is to get an email address from a friend or family member that has ESPN with their cable or satellite service and use that.”

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It is pretty amazing how many accounts to various services get shared nowadays. There was a story this month where one-third of Netflix users are borrowing their account from someone else.

You can also use Playstation Vue. It’s cheaper than Sling, and more versatile. But less support for different streamer boxes, at least so far.

From what I can tell, it is more expensive than Sling. Sling is $20 per month (base), while the cheapest Vue is $29.99.

For some reason I thought the Sling base was more. But Sling is missing many of the channels we want, while PSVue has them in the base package. I think some of them are available in an addon package, which puts the cost even or more than PSVue.

Vue is definitely interesting now that I look at it. I am just debating whether it is worth $35 a month to get my Braves and Predators on TV finally as a cord cutter.

I hate that it isn’t on Roku, though I do have a FireTv and an iPad to try it out on.

Roku doesn’t bother me, because I only have an old Roku2 and a Stick. I have a Sony Android TV and a Nexus Player which are both much more capable that I’m missing it on. But I expect it’ll be out for Android sooner than later, because of the Sony TVs that use Android.

Unfortunately, in my market (Chicago area) Vue offers the local channels. I don’t need those. I have an antenna and a Tablo. When they offer local channels, the cheapest package is $40 a month. For that price, might as well stick with cable.