Tablo and Amazon Fire: "No Tablo Found on Network"

CAUTION: If you have Amazon Fire and Tablo a firmware “update” has or will render your Tablo useless. Neither Tablo nor Amazon have solutions. Tablo will pass you off to Amazon and Amazon has no answer…If you use Amazon Fire do not buy Tablo.

Can Tablo revert you back to the previous version?

Tablo works fine on my Fire TV box, newest app version and newest firmware.

I have a 4 tuner Tablo that I access from 2 Fire TV boxes & 2 Fire TV sticks.

I have not experienced the issues that others have (for weeks now) until this morning. Both boxes still have no issues running newest firmware from both Tablo & Amazon, but suddenedly this morning both sticks can no longer find Tablo on my network. This has to be some funky glitch since many have been experiencing it for weeks & it has only become a problem for me now.

As many others have said this is unacceptable. Tablo support needs to resolve this posthaste.

I am having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM as Gary_Van_Zandt. It started with a jumbled recording order. Recordings were no longer in alphabetic order and now the Tablo no longer exists on my network. I was just told to wipe out my tablo and ALL the hundreds of recordings by resetting my tablo. Wow! It’s not the answer I was looking for.

Hey folks - we’re working rapidly to have a fix deployed for this issue. However, we’ve got a beta in progress in the meantime.

We can add your Fire TV’s to this beta quickly, so if you’re having this issue PM me directly or send our support team a ticket with the email address linked to your Amazon Fire TV.

What is quickly?

I would like to be added to this beta (but only this beta) today.

Hey folks - This has been submitted and should be available for download to your devices today:

Thanks for your patience as we sorted this one out.

Consider yourself lucky. Day #25 here without Tablo. And absolutely zero help from Tablo or Amazon.

So you’re saying the update that was just pushed out didn’t fix your problem. Wonder how many others are affected?

Here’s your fix

Both my Fire TV2 and Fire TV1 devices cannot connect to my Tablo, but my Android phone can and Tablo is fully functional.

My Tablo and both Fire TV boxes are hardwired.

I submitted a support ticket yesterday.

Can you delete the app from your Fire TV, then reboot the Fire TV, then install the Tablo app again?

The newest version should be 1.1.8

theuser86 - Thank you! Following those steps both Fire TV boxes are now connecting and working fine.

Thanks again!

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