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this will not go AWAY! rebooting worked yesterday but not today. every time I search ‘again’ I come back to this exact same screen.

@kitesurfer This is what you’ll see if your Roku isn’t finding your Tablo on the network.

Can you try rebooting your router and then rebooting Tablo?

That should ensure your Tablo and your Roku are communicating correctly.

I had to recycle my internet connection. I started with it at 0400. why is this happening…it should not be.

I sincerely hope that I am not expected to recycle my internet connection twice a day. TABLO knows about this issue, and has a fix ? ?

It’s certainly not a normal issue. I am not sure why it happened to you once, but it likely never happens again.

Without seeing exactly what’s happening, my guess would be if this is happening regularly that your router may be randomly assigning IP addresses at specific intervals which can cause networking issues like this.

Give our support gurus a ring and they can help you out with setting a DHCP reservation for your Tablo: