Tablo 4th generation recording

Can not watch Episode while recording on Tablo 4th Gen on my phone, will only let watch the episode airing , will not start from the beginning and let me watch while recording.

If you’re able to watch the show that’s currently recording, what happens if you tap on the screen? Is there a slider near the bottom that you can slide all the way to the left?

No skidder, the program just picks up where it’s at airing, after the episode has completed its download you can start at the beginning, but not till it is completed.

No Slidder bar till completely downloaded.

I looked up this topic online and others using a phone have the same issue, people using TV or Roku could watch while episode was downloading.

Correct. It is a limitation of how MPEG2 data is processed on Android and iPhones. It isn’t something that can be fixed, at least not in the near future.

I couldn’t say how long ago this was and I very well might be mistaken, but I was sure I was able to do this in a previous version. Even so, after reading what @Marty_Cardwell was saying, I tested this late last night, and as far as the mobile app is concerned, the show only begins the second you hit Play. You can rewind up to that point, though. Frustrating indeed. Regardless, I stand corrected.

I assume with Tablo’s new model of restricting viewing within the home, their focus might be more on the Rokus/Firesticks/etc. I’m sure the mobile apps will improve as best they’re able and hopefully they find away around this MPEG-2 issue which is causing so many headaches.

I know I am talking about another device but my Hdhomerun will let you record and watch from the beginning, I am using the same phone with the Tablo that I used with the Hdhomerun, I contacted customer support they’re aware of the issue but didn’t really explain why hdhomerun works and tablo 4th gen doesn’t.

The legacy Tablo works fine as well since it transcodes the signal before it reaches the phone. HdHomeRun does the same, to my knowledge. The 4th gen Tablo doesn’t transcode.

Have you tried going to the recording in the library that is in the process of airing, because I watch stuff all the time that way from 4K FireTV (not from iPhone) and I can rewind to the beginning of it if doesn’t do it for me?

It’s a known limitation on the mobile apps because of how the MPEG2 streams on them. For any of the other apps, you can do what you described.

Thanks for clarifying!

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