Tablo 4th Gen Windows 10 + WiFi

I have purchased the Tablo 4th Gen device today from Best Buy
Ethernet connected to my WiFi Router.
Can I connect it wirelessly to my router, avoiding the ethernet cable ?

Setup, and works well with my Roku Devices
The Tablo app within Microsoft Store does not recognize my device ?
The new app does not appear to be available in the Microsoft Store ?
Is there another Tablo site available to download the new app, so I may wathc on my Windows 10 PC ?

Appreciate the feedback.


Someone said this worked

Same issue here… The only way for me to make it work is install an android emulator called BLUESTACKS. Then install Tablo to it, and it becomes like an icon on your desktop like a virtual machine. It works wonderfully, and it can also record the screen too… Although I prefer OBD for screen recording. I know it is not perfect, but at least there is a way or maybe a work around.

The Windows store has the legacy version. There is no version for the 4th Generation tuners at this time.

Windows 11 has the Windows Subsystem for Android that lets you run some adroid apps. It includes the Amazon App store but it still only shows a few apps that can be downloaded. Neither tablo app show up in that app store. I just use it to run my Blink app to connect to my Blink cameras and doorbell cameras. I didn’t realize the subssytem was there until I looked on the Windows app store and saw the Blink app. I think when I clicked on that it downloaded and enabled the AWS and Amazon App Store. There is another version of the WSA that allows you to run the Google Play Store and apps from that. To do that you need to uninstall the official WSA. I haven’t tried that yet to see if the tablo apps are there.