Tablo 4th gen takes forever to launch

My new 4 tuner Tablo 4th gen sometimes takes over 2 mins to start on a Roku Ultra. Might be only when it’s recording. Is this normal?

Hi @larry_c Sorry to hear you’re running into this.

When you say ‘launch’ do you mean to open and get to the home screen? Or when you start playing back a channel?

Launch = Open the App. If I give up after a minute, go back to Roku home and try again, it usually works.


When you’re done with the app, do you exit it or leave it running in the background?

What do you mean “running it in background”?

I think they meant backing out of the app until it asks you to exit, or just pressing HOME and going about your day.

Mine does the same thing. Tablo 4th Gen with Roku Ultra. When I start the app, the blue status line goes across the screen forever. Sometimes the app never opens to the menus. I have to exit or reset the Tablo before it works.

Also, sometimes when I delete recordings, they never delete until I back out of the app and then go back in.

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After adding to my network a gen 4/4tuner to my existing gen4 2 tuner, the IOS app would tell me it could not find either tablo. This behavior stopped after a couple of router and tablo reboots over a few days.
Now, in IOS, the boot up may be pretty fast, or after over a minute of the spinning gear, or not at all. Random. Seems to help to close the app and try again—sometimes.
On the + side, if I am “logged in” to one of the tables, and then switch to the other, the switch over is sometimes (not always) instantaneous, faster than I have ever seen a Tablo do anything.
If it ain’t one thing…