Tablo 4th Gen Screen Freeze Ups

I got the fourth-generation Tablo and successfully set it up. However, when watching any of the channels, the screen constantly freezes up for a second, kind of like it’s buffering. I have a strong signal from my antenna, and I have a three-year old, $300 wi-fi gaming router. Both the 2.4 and 5.8 lights are on. Do I need to make adjustments to the router, or is it something else? Thoughts?

Do you have the ability to wire it temporarily to try to rule out it being a WiFi issue?

Thanks for the suggestion. My cord does not reach that far. I called customer support and found out that the Tablo does not support the Chromebox, which is what I am using. I was told that they may support it in a couple of months.

I returned the Tablo.

I had the same problem with 4th gen Tablo. The live channels always buffer at the beginning (for a second), but then would also buffer randomly during viewing the channel. I view Tablo via a Fire Stick device. No buffering in the Fire Stick, WiFi is great at 600 Mb/s. I bought a USB micro Ethernet adapter for the Fire Stick even though wasn’t needed for the Fire Stick. However, it cured the Tablo buffering! My guess is that WiFi either has random latency issues vs. Ethernet, or the Tablo (Ethernet connected to the router) gets priority over Ethernet, and is not in sync with the Fire Stick WiFi data stream.

I would suggest checking to see if you are using a 5 Ghz wifi connection from your router to the Firestick. If it is connecting to 2.4 Ghz and it is a 1080i stream there may be too much congestion on the 2.4 Ghz network. Speed is one thing but latency could be the issue.

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The frequent momentary freezing (tablo 4th gen with firestick 4k) is fixed for a while if you go to firestick settings, manage installed apps, clear data. Clearing just the cache won’t fix the problem.