Tablo 4th Gen Regularly Needs Resetting

I’ve been running a Tablo for about 3 months. It seems to work for a few days, and then the apps can’t find it anymore. Power cycling doesn’t help; I need to factory reset and start over.

Any advice on how to fix this?

Hi there @battey - Sorry you’re running into this.

It does sound like you are running into some connectivity issues but a full factory reset should not be required.

It sounds like the IP addresses of your Tablo or your streaming devices are changing more frequently than they should.

Setting a DHCP reservation for your Tablo on your router, and/or rebooting your router and streaming device as well as your Tablo when this happens should get you back up and running without having to go the nuclear route.

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How does an app learn the IP address of a Tablo?

Thanks @TabloTV! I’ll look into this

@Ron1 – good question. @TabloTV do you have advice here? I might be able to track it down on my router

Yeah, if your problem is you can’t load the Tablo apps to see what the current IP of the Tablo is as displayed in the apps, the easiest solution is going to be to look at your router to see what devices are connected which should also show you their currently assigned IP. Your router is also where you could reserve an IP for the Tablo.

Your Tablo has a status page.

You can find your IP there as well as some various information. TabloTV has said that they hope to incorporate more information on this status page in the future.

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Thanks all, I set up an IP Reservaton on my Eero router.:crossed_fingers:

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It can connect using the name, or maybe mDNS request, but if that were the issue, you’d likely gen an error very quickly. Check your router and see what’s listed.

It’s more likely just a Tablo firmware bug.