Tablo 4th Gen on Onn Google TV 4K

I’ve been running the Tablo 4G since February on my older Firestick 4K (1st Gen, 2018). I’m not alone in seeing frequent app crashes using Tablo/Firestick.

Several people here have recommended the Onn Google TV 4K as an alternative, and at only $20 it seemed worth a shot.

I’ve been running the Onn Google TV 4K for about five days now, and the Tablo/Firestick’s most irritating problem (the Tablo app, when viewing either recorded or live TV, would stutter, then freeze, then crash) hasn’t happened at all on the Tablo/Onn.

There are a few well-known irritations of the Tablo that still occur on the Onn:

  • The Library recordings often do not re-populate (this is always resolved by moving to another Library option, then back again – for example, from All Recordings to Sceduled then back to All Recordings).
  • The Live Guide does not populate all channel info when in Favorites mode.

But in general, the Tablo experience has been much better with the Onn device.


My experience is the same as yours.

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I use Chromecast with Google TV. I get the issue with missing guide data in favorites. With the Chromecast with Google TV I found out if I switch between channels and favorites, it will load all the guide data.

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