Tablo 4th Gen Dual ...Guide Issues ...with pics

This one happens a lot.
I’ll be scrolling forward on the guide to future days to see what’s coming up and the white guide bar will completely blank out the channel I’m trying to see.

My first example showing the normal guide screen…

Pay close attention to the channel right below 7.3. …7.5 mysteries of the bible

Now I’m going to move the guide down to channel 7.5…

Okay where did the channel description go?
There’s just a blank white bar there now …???

Let’s go down even further …down to 13.2 FOX, college basketball…

The “new” is still visible but nothing else is …??

Here’s one more example of that on a different day on channel 13.1 CBS…

Now you see 3 “NEW” labels but nothing else.
If I keep moving the guide down it does this to every line/channel.
When I click on the channel with the white bar nothing happens.