Tablo 4th Gen Dual; Current channel keeps playing behind the guide when browsing the guide

Can we get it where the channel I’m watching still plays behind the guide until I choose a new channel?
Most other guides already do this.
It’s kind of annoying just to chop the show totally off, just to browse the guide.


What device are you using? Tablo has a pop-up guide that overlays the program you’re watching. On my Fire TV 4K Max, I go to the thumb selection wheel and press “up.” That will bring up the guide and I can still watch the channel I have on.

Using Tablo 4th gen on a TCL Roku TV

What you described is a really nice feature in the Android/FireOS versions of the viewing app, and sadly, this isn’t built into the Roku version.

As you mentioned, there are many options when you press Up or Down on the D-pad, but it’s not a true guide. You’re able to see what’s currently playing on other stations, but you can’t view what’s coming up next on those stations. You are, however, able to see what is “Up Next” on the channel you’re currently watching.

While a popup guide isn’t something I would find useful, I can see the reasoning behind wanting this. The option to keep watching a show and plan your next one at the same time? Very helpful to a lot of people.

ITMT, I think that if the Roku version was upgraded enough to add this extra bit of information that Android and FireOS has, it would heighten the ease of use and make the Roku app a much more pleasant experience.


I agree that a picture-in-picture guide showing the current channel would be nice since my old Amazon Fire Recast can do it.

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