Tablo 4th Gen Doesn't Play Nice with Samsung Smart TV or Roku Express

Found out Samsung Smart TV with Tablo App doesn’t work very well or not at all. Kept crashing.

Got Roku Express and it was better, but play back picture froze and audio continued on some recordings. Live stream forget it. Not acceptable. BTW the smart phone (android Tablo App) was fine.

So I spent more money on Roku 4K. Much better. Still a few issues. Tablo seems to lose it’s handshake with the devices Roku and Smart phone. I have to go through set up questions. It is working fine. I did miss a recording, however I think I know what happened.

Question how long does it take Tablo to respond with RMA? I see I will have to pay for shipping return. If I bought it at local retailer or Amazon return and shipping would be free. Live and learn. Kind of irritates me they discounted it right after I bought it. Are they discontinuing it? May be I should cut my losses. I really want it ti work.

I would be looking somewhere else besides tablo for your roku problems. I can run the tablo roku app with 1080i and 720p live tv on a 2013 roku model 3(4200) on 2.4 wifi with no problem.

4th gen? I didn’t think 4th gen had the gusto to transcode. My Roku’s even newer models than what you list, don’t seem to like raw mpeg2-ts. Maybe I’m missing something(?).

My roku 3 is connected to a 2018/2019 sony. The model 3 roku video is set to auto which defaults to 1080p for that TV.

I’m currently watching DWTS, which I really don’t care for, but it runs on ABC which I think is 720P. I switched to Fox which I know is 720P. No problem. CBS is 1080i no problem.

The tablo is on 2.4 wifi and the roku on 5 wifi. they sit side-by-side.

And that’s with a 4th gen Tablo? Interesting.

yes. But I prefer to use my 4660 ultra. And I even have a 2015 roku 2 (4210) that works. But a 4210 is just a 4200 motherboard and chip set in a black box with a different IR non-wifi remote

Indeed. My mistake was I didn’t enable MPEG2 on my Plex client. Does seem to work. I have HW transcoding, so there’s not much difference that I can see, but still, nice to know/have. Of course, in my case, talking Plex DVR. So now, I get full original quality at home and of course the ability to watch the game (or whatever) when on the road, transcoding as needed.

My Samsung is Approx 2017/2018 a 55" UHD 6300 series. It works great with the Apps for free streaming content. I watch a bit of YouTube… it use to had basic web browser that was crude but worked, However that is no longer supported. It had a little weather news to your zip. Samsung stopped supporting that as well. Love the TV and it has 3 HDMI inputs that are smart, senses they are active and will auto switch to that input. Which is handy to switch from Channel Master to Roku.

I do like the Roku 4K as the remote has vol and the Roku Express does not. So the upgrade was worth it, not only that it plays nice with Tablo, live stream and recorded shows. Can’t ask for more. The Roku channel (free) is not half bad. They had Miss Universe exclusive this weekend. Not my thing but 10 mins of watching the opening at the beautiful ladies is not too bad… I am pretty good at guessing the top finishers from the opening, and usually the winner is in that group.

I record OTA and get more channels OTA and free web streaming than I can watch. I cut the cord 13 years ago with a two year cable subscription mistake in the middle, bundle internet deal (mistake). I can not watch 100’s of channels for free vs pay for 100’s of channels I am not watching.

I already have a channel master DVR + hard wired HDMI cable to living room TV. It also streams internet and gets a schedule for free via WiFi… The Tablo is serving that living room TV as well and a second TV, a dumb Sony Flat Screen TV in the bedroom. Both using the Roku 4K. I do like Tablo can be streamed to smart phone as well as my two TV’s where channel master is wired to one TV. However the channel master is pretty rock solid. The down side is my Hard Drive is near full (1TB) and they are 100% proprietary. I can’t unplug it and plug in a new hard drive apparently, at least without losing my previous recordings.

Eventually the Channel Master is going away. I keep it to view the recorded shows already on it and back up Tablo… I don’t trust Tablo 4 yet. I think it will work. Nothing is perfect but it has been buggy and working though WiFi streaming has been a bit of a pain. The Tablo has 2TB drive so plenty of storage. Being able to stream to two TV’s and smart phone/tablet is nice.

Not a big fan of how it lists the recorded shows… but I am use to Channel Master. They all have their different pros and cons. All that matter is it is reliable and fairly easy to use.

Tablo no longer supports the app for Samsung. There hasn’t even been an app available for my QN series Samsung.

They are going to, at least for the 4th gen model. In the FAQ for it.


That is great… There is going to be trade offs when you have a “re-broadcast” over WiFi to an App. It gives versatility. The processors in some Smart TV’s via WiFi just can’t handle the bandwidth is my guess. They were made to be direct wired via HDMI ports.

The main reason it would be nice is less remote controls. So I have Roku Remotes for each TV and thee TV remote… It is workable… I do love being able to also stream my shows to my phone at home.

My brand new Tablo Dual 4th Gen recorded beautifully, as the Tablo app on my Pixel 4 always showed. But via my brand new Roku Express (that I ordered per the “Tablo-compatible Roku devices.” Tablo page), the Tablo recorded content that was completely unwatchable.

Tablo and Roku tech support were both utterly worthless. I’ve wasted countless hours dealing with this issue.

So tonight I found the answer on Reddit: . It explained all my symptoms.

I consider the Tablo web page (above) to be a deceptive trade practice. I plan to send back my Roku Express and order a Roku Express 4K+, as I should have done in the first place if the Tablo website hadn’t been so deceptive to me.

Needless to say, when I post my BestBuy review of the Tablo Dual 4th Gen, it will be scathing.

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